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October 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


new term is well on its way, and with each class we are reminded of the talent and passion that reverberates through the walls of the studio each and every week. As fall approaches quickly, we look forward to London’s changing colours and to the many colours created within our studio this term. In one short month since we've been back in session, our students have been busy learning about the fundamentals of still-life drawing as we explore value shading together.

Since registration into our Fall Term classes filled up quickly, we have uploaded our Winter Term schedule early and are now taking registration for the months of January-March, 2019. To ensure that a spot for you and/or your child is reserved, we encourage new and returning students to register now to the class that best fits your schedule. You can view our Winter Term schedule online or call the studio for more information. And of course, it is never too late to join our Fall Term classes. Few spots are still available at certain levels. To register and receive the current pro-rated fee, call us at your convenience.

As always, we would like to thank our current students for your word-of-mouth recommendations, by offering you a $20 gift certificate when referring new students to our art classes.

We hope you can stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter and wish you all a picturesque Fall Season to come.

Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

The Art of Andrew Chase



Andrew Chase is a sculptor and photographer based in Salt Lake City. He is famous for his metal sculptures of large animals using recycled material such as sheets of steel, electrical conduits, as well as car and plumbing parts. In studying animal anatomy, body proportion and movement, Chase is able to create the illusion of realism in his mechanical-animal sculptures – adoringly dubbed as “mechanimals”. His process begins with the matching of his chosen animal to a particular machinery. For example, in thinking about his giraffe he was able to equate it to a crane, and soon thereafter ensured that all joints rotate and lock in position, while the removable crank on the side is able to raise and lower the giraffe's neck. In thinking about his elephant, Chase was able to think of it as a forklift, ensuring that the ears and trunk are both maneuverable in the same manner of a forklift. Using reference photos of the live animal plus shots of the skeleton (if available) Chase begins with a rough full scale drawing highlighting joint placement and basic body outline. Once the drawing feels right, he builds the basic skeleton out of conduit bearings and gears, filling in the body and limbs with rod and sheet metal. Working on each sculpture between 80-120 hours, Chase is able to successfully entrench each sculpture with realistic movement and soulful facial features, as if each of his creation was alive and real.


Source: https://www.archtopia.com/2010/11/18/interview-with-andrew-chase/


Nicole L. (gr 5) Angela S. (gr 4) Maks G. (gr 5) Claire P. (gr 5)

Kids Corner


At the studio, we often seek to learn and be inspired by well known artists whose sense of hard work and perseverance has landed them a well deserved international recognition. With that in mind, it can be argued that nothing is more endearing than animating an animal and making it move – on paper and in real life!! While this is no simple task as an artist, it is both intriguing and gratifying, when done well. For this month’s Kids’ Corner, we hope you can visit Andrew Chase’s website, watch his leaping cheetah in action, and try to build your own “mechanimal” from discarded bolts, screws, gears, and any other recycled metal. Feel free to share your artwork with us.

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past October Birthday Students  


Sadie A, Naijah-Kai A, Preston A, Olivia B, Kira B, Rylee B, Eva B, Braydon B, Maks G, Olivia G, Monika G, Simiya G, Freya H, Maggie H, Oliver H, Tina H, Rinni H, Mia J, Harry K, Solange K, Maya K, Justin K, Charlotte K, Alexis K, Erin K, Joel K, Kaylee L, William L, Caitlyn M, Elsie M, Antony M, Zahra M, Layla O, Jeannie M, Bineth P, Kate P, Georgie P, Alex P, Lia P, Isabela R, Dayanna R, Hannah S, Zac S, Liza S, Charlotte S, Callie S, Yutian T, Katelyn V, Ainsley V, Voula V, Joanna W, Aiden W, Theresa W, Estella W, Carolyn W, Emily X, Catherine Y, Stone Y, Lev Y, Jasmine Y, Angela Z (and anyone we may have missed)

 a very happy month !!


Quote of the Month


“Do what you love, it will show through in your work... and if no one else likes it, at least you will!”
                                                                         Andrew Chase


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