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November 2017 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


With an upward momentum and a whole lot of creativity, we have reached the middle of our fall term. This past month students used the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne as a source of inspiration – paying close attention to the Post-Impressionistic brush-stroke techniques along with the emotive quality of colour. The studio walls have been showcasing our students’ completed projects on rotation, as we begin the countdown towards the end-of-term Art Show. The Group Art Show is scheduled for Sunday, December 10th (2-5pm) and will feature our students’ artwork from this term. Save the date and join us along with your family and friends for this celebration of creations.

As we quickly approach the end of Fall Term, we invite you to save your spot in the upcoming Winter Term (January 8th through 
March 31st, 2018). For your convenience, online registration is already open. We can also process payment over the phone or in person during studio hours.

Since most of the adult classes starting in January are already full, we added a new Adult Drawing daytime class on Wednesdays from 11 to 1pm. If you were thinking of taking art classes, this is your chance to join us this winter. Register on line, by phone, or in person.

And while you are browsing for information about Winter Term classes, we invite you to meet Our Team, which is now featured on the website.

As always, our best promoters are our own students! As a token of thanks from us to you, we offer current students a $20 coupon redeemable for future class registration when a new student gives us your name as a referral. Please note: coupons have expiry date, must be presented at time of payment, and there is a limit of one coupon per family per term.

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Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

The Art of Paul Cezanne


Paul Cezanne - self portrait and two of his works


Paul Cézanne, a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter, is credited with paving the way for the emergence of twentieth-century modernism, both visually and conceptually. His work constitutes the most powerful and essential link between the Impressionism and the movements of Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, and even complete abstraction.

Cezanne believed that art was neither an imitation nor an illusion of reality, but in effect, a new kind of reality created through the means of a new “language” of forms. For Cézanne, a picture is important in its own right, and thus, it must remain faithful to itself. The aim of painting is not to pretend that the viewer is looking through a window, but to make the viewer aware of the picture itself as well as the subject matter it depicts. He was able to achieve this when even a simple apple displays a distinctly sculptural dimension. It is as if each item of still life, landscape, or portrait had been examined not from one but several or more angles. It was this aspect of Cézanne's analytical practice that led the future Cubists to regard him as their true mentor. Cézanne believed that a true painter would treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone, and everything in proper perspective so that each side of an object is directed towards a central point. He used short, hatched brushstrokes to help ensure surface unity in his work as well as to model individual masses and spaces as if they themselves were carved out of paint. Working slowly and patiently, the painter developed a pictorial language that would go on to impact nearly every radical phase of 20th century art, gaining the admiration and attracting the interest of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Picasso and Matisse.  


Sources: http://www.oil-painting-techniques.com/analysis-paul-cezanne.html



Students' work inspired by Paul Cezanne

CW from top left - Peter H, Pam H, Myeong H, Val K

Kids Corner


Paul Cézanne painted hundreds of apples. How was he able to astonish the sophisticated critics in the art capital of the 19th century with an apple? By showing his critics a new way of seeing an apple. Take a good, long look at the next apple you plan to eat. What is its basic shape: is it shaped like a ball, or an egg?  Look at it from the top, from the bottom, and all around it. Is it bright red, orange-red, yellow, green, or is your apple all these colors? Cézanne looked at apples very closely. He would study everything around him - apples, flowerpots, and rumpled tablecloths - until he understood them as their basic shapes: spheres, cylinders, and cones. He made the objects look more real, more three-dimensional, by gradually shifting from one color to another. Many art historians have studied Cezanne's style of painting, and many artists have learned from him. The Met Museum shows us precisely how Cezanne's unique technique made his apples look so realistic. Follow the link, learn from Cezanne, and try your own still-life in his style!

Happy Birthday To You…


We wish our current and past November Birthday Students


Kristina A, Juan A, Rebecca A, Jessica B, Leo B, Carter B, Megan B, Grace B, Alisa C, Sua C, Ella C, Hannah C, Emma C, Lia D, Hannah D, Justine D, John D, Erin F, Divya G, Rachel G, Ruben G, Georgia H, Ava H, Jarod H, Abigail H, Chase H, Amanda H, Sophie J, Mia J, Abby J, Alex K, Anna L, Dylan L, Hannah L, Jordan L, Henry L, Sophia M, Connor M, Cameron M, Dawson M, Veronica M, Bradley M, Ashley M, Grace O, Stephanie P, Maya P, Madeline R, Megan R, Lily R, Violet S, Jasmine S, Hailey S, Amelia S, Jaime S, Chloe S, Marley T, Narine T, Stephen T, Yuhang T, Rachel T, Ava T, Samantha V, Eric W, Keaton W, Catherine W, Marry W, Grace W, Neil W, Ray W, Isabella W, Jesse X, Andy X, Ryan X, Yuchen X, Ellen Y, Behdad Z, Hank Z, Peter Z (and anyone we may have missed)


                   a very happy month !!

Quote of the Month


“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art

                                                                                  Paul Cezanne



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