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May 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


While April had more than just showers in store for us, we are certain that May will indeed bring with it bright colours and lively flowers! We are so very grateful for all new and returning students whose love for the arts breathe life into all that is created in our amidst. With eight weeks remaining in our Spring Term, those who still wish to give art classes a try - please know that you can still join our Spring Term Art Classes (where space is available) at a pro-rated fee. Call 519.471.4278 for more details.

A Glance in Advance:

* We are gearing up towards our End-of-Term Art Show scheduled for Sunday, June 17th, 2-5pm. With works ranging from O’Keefe-Inspired Flowers, to Underwater Watercolour World, Picasso’s Peace Flowers, along with a vast array of Plaster Scratchboard, 3D Gargoyle Creatures, and much, much more. We hope you are able to save the date and join us as we celebrate our students’ accomplishments this term.

SUMMER CAMPS are filling up fast! This year we are offering a variety of Half-Day & Full-Day programs, including Visual Arts, Creative Writing, 3D Sculpting, and Storyboarding as camp options. With only six weeks to choose from, we are bound to have a high turnout and an incredible level of artistry flowing through this studio. To reserve a spot in one of our Summer Camps visit us online.

* EARLY REGISTRATION SAVINGS for our upcoming Fall Term Art Classes will be offered until June 14th.
Sign up early and save $10 off your Fall Term fees. Online registration will be available soon. Since registration is open to new, returning, and current students, we are unable to save a spot for you or your child without a deposit. Referral Credit is always available for current students who refer friends to us.

And as always, we update our social media year-round and invite you to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for news and updates within the world of art.

Wishing you a Marvelous Month of May,
The ArtVenture Team

Scratchboard Art Technique


Plaster etching Barb B. Plaster etching Susanne F. Plaster etching Val K. Plaster etching Liz P.
Barb B. Susanne F. Val K. Liz P.


Scratchboard Art evolved from Woodcut Art over a century ago and was originally used for the purpose of reproducing images for publication in books, magazines, and newspapers. With no reverse image required the scratchboard image was used directly for print, and as such, was easier, cheaper, and less time consuming. To this day, Scratchboard Art is considered by many artists as the most difficult technique of all, as it is a form of direct engraving. Starting with a solid black panel, the artist proceeds to scratch the surface, exposing a layer of white that lies below the scratched surface. The resulting image is a series of repeated lines, marks and strokes against a dark background. Scratchboard isn’t just about drawing an outline in the black surface. It is a process whereby the dark is slowly stripped away, revealing a dramatic impression as the figure emerges from the black background. By using a combination of cross-hatching (a repetition of small crisscrossed lines) and stippling (a repetition of small dots), the artist is able to create the illusion of depth and dimension within the image. Scratchboard has now become a fine art medium and comes in a variety of options from black on silver, gold, or multi-colour options.

In class, our students prepared a cast using Plaster of Paris as their engraving base. Once the plaster was dry, a layer of soft pastels was applied and sprayed with workable fixatif. Students were then able to scratch away the soft pastels, revealing once more the white plaster while creating an intricate image complete with the illusion of depth and movement. Gloss varnish was applied to protect the end result.

Sources: https://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-scratchboard-art-tools-techniques.html



Plaster etching Grace B. Plaster etching Sarah V. Plaster etching Pam K. Plaster etching Lara R.
Grace B. Sarah V. Pam K. Lara R.

Kids Corner


In order to gain practice and perfect the many techniques used in Scratchboard Art, young artists can follow the link, and enjoy the many stages of Line Art. With the aid of cross-hatching and stippling techniques, you too can create and perfect a sketch on this Scribbler Game, as you begin the planning stages for your future Scratchboard works of art. http://www.zefrank.com/scribbler/

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past May Birthday Students


B.DaySophie A, Katia A, Kaitlyn A, Abigail A, Hamza A-S, Georgia A, Shalev A, Emily B, Leo B, Evelyn B, Christopher B, Yasmeen B, Laurel B, Evey B, Owen C, Isabella C, Christian C, Stephanie D, Annica D, Hannah D, Jacy D, Rachel E, Jacob E, Abby E, Abbie E, Sarah F, Adalyn G, Callie G, Sophia G, Grace G, Karine G, Isabella G, Lila H, Sissy H, Daniella H, Riley H, Jana H, Jennah H, Jiani H, Alexandra H, Addison H, Alannah H, Emily H, Jacob I, Jacob J, Georgia J, Peter K, Sasha K, Yara K, Amalia K, Dana K, Yvonne L, Tori L, Samantha L, Julia L, Ben L, Charles L, Lea L, Imogen L, Julia L, Cecelia L, Desmond L, Tam L, Celine M, Lorenza M, Maddy M, Gabriel M, Lauren M, Olivia M, Sofia M, Taya M, Lucas M, Kelly M, Maya M, Caroline M-S, Mariana O, Claire P, Isabella P, Emma P, Emma R, Natalie R, Verity R, Margarita R, Mackenzie R, Gabrielle R, Valery R, Sarah R, Xavier R, Arya S, Mallory S, Jennifer S, Julie S, MacKenzie S, Ella T, Sydney T, Catie T, Ahrielle T, Angelo T, Alaira U, Samantha V-G, Annika V, Julia V, Ewan W, Ethan W, Hannah W, Annie W, Maggie W, Megan W, Jacob W, Eric W, Raina W, Sophia X (and others we may have forgotten) a very happy month !!

Quote of the Month


“Drawing is like walking, the only way to achieve results is by constant practice.”

                                                                                                         Rembrandt Van Rijn


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