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May 2017 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


With every passing week this month we have watched our studio become lighter and brighter as vibrant hues of spring fill the air! We look forward to seeing how the spring continues to inspire our creativity and how, in turn, we continue to inspire each other.

With just a handful of weeks remaining in our Spring Term, we want to take a quick moment to remind you of important events to come...

10 Year Anniversary & Canada 150 Celebration: We are gearing up for a double birthday celebration and hope you will join the festivities. To celebrate ten years of creativity along with a century and a half of Canadian artistic creations, our End-of-Term Art Show will showcase an homage to Canadian Artists – sketched and painted by our own students. Please join us on Sunday, June 18, 2-5pm as we celebrate together ArtVenture’s 10th Birthday, Canada’s 150th Birthday, and our students’ beautiful artistic accomplishments! 

SUMMER CAMPS are filling up fast! This year we are offering a variety of Half-Day and Full-Day programs with Visual Arts, Creative Writing, 3D Sculpture, and Storyboarding. With so many options, we are bound to have a high turnout and an incredible level of artistry flowing through this studio. To reserve a spot in one of our Summer Camps visit us online.

FALL TERM Art Classes - Due to increasing demand and registration we are happy to announce that we are now hiring new teachers and adding a few more classes. Check our new schedule and register early to avoid dissapointments and to take advantage of the limited-time early registration bonus.

Early Registration Bonus - Register before June 15 to our Fall Term Art Classes and save $10 off your Fall Term fees. Register on-line, over the phone or in person at anytime.

Referral Credit - Refer a new student to us and receive a $20 gift card. New students must give the name of the person who introduced them to ArtVenture at the time of registration for the offer to be valid. Conditions apply. Ask for details.

... and as always, keep posted on all the latest fun-facts and updates within the world of art. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for year-round inspiration.

Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team


The Art of Alcohol Ink


Beth C. Sharon M. Sue F.

Alcohol ink is a highly pigmented painting ink. When used in art, the alcohol evaporates leaving the dye behind. The result is an artwork of intense and vivid colours. As a medium for art making, alcohol ink works well for painting on non-porous surface like acetate paper, gloss paper, glass, metal, and ceramic. Like watercolours, alcohol ink remains on the surface while it interacts and marbleizes with other pigments. Mixing colors can create a vibrant marbled effect and the possibilities can only be limited by what you are willing to try. It dries quickly providing artists with the opportunity to play with mixing and layering all at once. The ink’s brightness means that a small bottle will go a long way. When using alcohol inks, there are many techniques to experiment with – ranging from directly applying the alcohol ink to your surface to using alcohol blending solutions,  spray bottle, blowing through straws to direct the ink into various positions, and using empty markers soaked with a few drops of alcohol ink. The result is a work of experimentation. Upon completion, apply a thin layer of Varnish Gloss Finish to your work, which will set the ink and protect the surface.

https://www.createforless.com/buying-guides/crafts/alcohol-inks-what-you-need-to-know-before-you-start.aspx   https://sherylwilliamsart.com

Daryl K. Carmen S. Bonnie W.

ArtVenture's Profile Series - Alex Drodz


We continue our monthly profile series with a look at our current graduating students. As we get ready to bid them farewell, we wanted to pay tribute to these incredibly talented individuals. Their works and accomplishments over the past few years have contributed a great deal to the overall atmosphere of love and passion within our studio space. Our Profile Series continues this month by paying tribute to a very talented young artist, whose work has inspired us all over the past few years.

Name: Alex Drodz
Number of terms at ArtVenture: 6
Future Career Choice: Sciences

- Who is your Favourite Artist?
I like many different artists, but one of my favourites would have to be Claude Monet.

- What is it about his work that appeals to you? His impressionistic approach to painting is really appealing to me as I don’t like making my art exact. He also had a way of adding soul and life to his art, which made his pieces so beautiful and unique.

- In all your years at ArtVenture, which was your favourite ArtVenture project? Oh man, there are many… If I had to choose an absolute favourite, it would be the pointillism piece we did. It showed me that art doesn’t have to be exact and that it can be done with as much freedom as you want. To this day, pointillism is my favourite painting technique. Another project I also loved doing was the paper cut art. I found it fascinating how something seemingly so simple can also be so beautiful.
- Has ArtVenture impacted your career choice? My career choice hasn't changed, mainly because I don’t yet have a set-in-stone plan for myself. However, ArtVenture has expanded my field of view, showing me that there are more opportunities in life, and that art can be used in many aspects of various careers.


- What lessons did you take from ArtVenture that you feel applies to daily life?  Well, the big thing that I learned is that no matter how much you suck at something at the start, if you keep working on it, you will improve. It’s easy to simply give up on something if it feels tough, but the result you get after you power through the challenges in your path is much more rewarding than the security of your comfort zone. This applies to practically every aspect of life – nothing is impossible as long as you put some effort into trying. Another important thing that ArtVenture has taught me is how to be creative. You can start with something random, having no idea where it would take you, and over time it will begin to take shape and make sense. The only difference between life and art is that you can erase your mistakes when you are dealing with art… life, not so much… and you thought making art was stressful!


- Words of Wisdom: Life is like Art - nobody really knows what they’re doing, which discourages many people, but if you simply start somewhere (choose a path and go for it), eventually you will begin to figure out life’s tricks along the way.  



Pointillism and Papercut works by Alex Drozd

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past May Birthday Students


Katia A, Kaitlyn A, Abigail A, Hamza A-S, Georgia A, Shalev A, Emily B, Leo B, Evelyn B, Christopher B, Yasmeen B, Laurel B, Evey B, Isabella C, Christian C, Stephanie D, Annica D, Hannah D, Jacy D, Rachel E, Jacob E, Abby E, Abbie E, Sarah F, Callie G, Sophia G, Grace G. Lila H, Sissy H, Daniella H, Riley H, Jana H, Jennah H, Alexandra H, Addison H, Alannah H, Jacob I, Jacob J, Peter K, Sasha K, Yara K, Amalia K, Tori L, Samantha L, Julia L, Ben L, Charles L, Lea L, Imogen L, Julia L, Cecelia L, Desmond L, Tam L, Lorenza M, Maddy M, Gabriel M, Lauren M, Olivia M, Sofia M, Taya M, Lucas M, Kelly M, Maya M, Caroline M-S, Mariana O, Claire P, Isabella P, Emma P, Emma R, Verity R, Margarita R, Mackenzie R, Gabrielle R, Valery R, Sara R, Sarah R, Xavier R, Brianne S, Brianna S, Arya S, Mica S, Mallory S, Jennifer S, Julie S, MacKenzie S, Ella T, Sydney T, Katie T-H, Catie T, Ahrielle T, Angelo T, Alaira U, Samantha V-G, Annika V, Julia V, Ewan W, Hannah W, Annie W, Megan W, Jacob W, Eric W, Raina W, Sophia X (and others we may have forgotten)

                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month


“I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things”

                                                                                                              Henri Matisse


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