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March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


Having art students whose passion lies in the process of inspirational learning, and observing the level of dedication they put into their creations, is truly an exercise of beauty and an atmosphere worth experiencing. These are our students, and we are proud of their achievements.
We would like to send our humble gratitude to all our supporters on this 10th Anniversary of ArtVenture as we were voted the Best Art School in London for 2017. It is with your help, support, and passion that we look forward to ten more years of Creative Expression.

As always, we wrap-up each session by hosting an End-of-Term Art Show, and would love to see you join us with your family and friends as we celebrate the high quality artwork accomplished by all our students this term. Our End-of-Term Art Show is scheduled on Sunday March 19th from 2-5pm. All are welcome in this celebration of the arts!

We are also in the midst of preparing for our  March Break Art Camps (March 13-17), Spring Term Art Classes (April 3 - June 24), and for those already dreaming and planning for summer, our Summer Art Camps. Schedules are available online for classes and camps which includes Visual Arts, Sculpting, Creative Writing and Animation camps. If you have not yet reserved your spot, you can do so by following the links or calling us at 519.471.4278. Space is limited and both camps and classes are filling up fast.

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Wishing us all a warm and festive spring season to come!

Artistically Yours,

The ArtVenture Team

The Art of Fernand Léger


Fernand Léger and two of his works


Joseph Fernand Henri Léger was a French painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. In his early works he created a personal form of cubism which he gradually modified into a more figurative style. Working in Paris during the height of Cubism, Léger’s iconic style with its emphasis on primary colors and rounded, massive forms, has become informally regarded as “machine art” or “Tubism” for the tube-like cubistic form his models took. His interest in industry and machines was further encouraged by the Italian Futurist painters and by his military service for France during World War I. Even at their most abstract, Léger’s subjects are easier to recognize than the rigorous Cubist dissections of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. While Léger would later revisit more traditional subjects - including the female nude, landscape and still life – his works retained his characteristically bold style. Few 20th century artists accepted the Industrial Revolution with as much enthusiasm as Léger displayed during his long career. At Biot, in southern France, a museum is devoted to his work.






Works of grade 11 - 12 students inspired by Léger

ArtVenture's Profile Series - Grace Bilger


Within the past six months we focused our profile series on the works and accomplishments of some of our graduated alumni. It is now time to shift the attention onto this year’s four Grade 12 graduates whose work at ArtVenture you’ve seen each and every End-of-Term Art Show these past few years. Our Profile Series continues this month by paying tribute to our very talented Grace Bilger, whose time at our studio has been spent as a student, volunteer, and Teacher’s Assistant over the past few years.

Name: Grace Bilger
Number of terms at ArtVenture: 21
Future Career Choice: Planning to go to Sheridan for a Bachelor of Illustration and minors in French and English.
- Who is your Favourite Artist? Giuseppe Arcimboldo

- What is it about his/her work that appeals to you?
His abstract compositions composed of objects to make a face are imaginative and amazing to look at. I’ve never been a fan of making real-life portraits, so his work is an interesting way of approaching the idea of a face without making it realistic.
- In all your years at ArtVenture, which was your favourite ArtVenture project?
I’d have to pick Yupo Papercut. Cutting the paper was so satisfying and clean. When I decided to make a Chinese dragon, I drew many small, individual scales not realizing how long it would take to finish. However, the end result was really amazing and it remains one of the works I’m most proud of.

- Has ArtVenture impacted your career choice?

Yes, it definitely has. Before ArtVenture, I didn’t have much of a creative drive. When I started art classes, I began to really enjoy the lessons on art, the new techniques and the creative freedom that went with it. I would practice the new techniques I learned and would show off my new skills to my friends, raving about the lessons I was taking in London. Soon I realized I wanted to take art seriously and use it as a career choice. I wanted to express myself, to show people what I can do and to show that this isn’t just a job, it’s my life’s passion.

- What lessons did you take from ArtVenture that you feel applies to daily life?

Don’t give up no matter how stuck you are; there is always a way to turn it around and create something amazing. You just need to push yourself and try your hardest, never bending under pressure. I was taught that mistakes can be fixed and that art can be made from them.


- Words of Wisdom: Work hard and stay determined. Never give up because you believe something is too difficult to complete, you’ll feel so much better when you know you’ve put your heart and soul into it.


Grace and her paper-cut "Dragon"

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past March Birthday Students


Izabella A, Jude A, Jessica A, Mara A, Katie B, Brooke B, Lauren B, Sarah B, Izabela B, Jackson B, Paige C, Jordan C, Julia D, Megan D, Ethan D, Christina D, Ilinca F, Leah G, Kiera G, Carolina G, Madison H, Brittney H, Audrey H, Pierce H, Paighton J, Rachel J, Stephanie K, Olivia K, Isabel K, Charlotte K, Trissy L, Alice L, Alanna L, Yiran L, Sophie L, Kaley L, Brigitte M, Chelsea M, Joshua M, Kaylee M, Jade M, Maja M, Kieran N, Emmanualla O, Noor O, Olivia P, Claire P, Cole P, Carolyn P, Danielle P, Jazz-Lyn P, Ella Q, Alina S, Maya S, Abbey S, Abby S, Olivia S, David S, Erin S, Victoria S, William S, Ethan T, Lauren T, Faith T, Taylor V, Emily V, Avah W, Lindsey W, Gabrielle W, Kathrina W, Kelly X, Zoe Z (and others we may have forgotten)

                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month


"Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water."

                                                                                                                                  Fernand Léger


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