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June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


Summer has descended upon us with all its glory and beauty. As we wrap up our 10th year at ArtVenture, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm "Thank You" to all of our past and present students, campers, birthday kids, and devoted community members. Your continued support and word-of-mouth recommendations have helped us create a rich art program that is fun and engaging for all involved. As this e-newsletter marks the last for the school year, we invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for year-round news and fun-facts from around the art-world.  Our next newsletter will be sent out by the end of August as we set to begin our Fall Term classes.


Fall Early Registration - The schedule for our upcoming Fall Term Art Classes is available on line. Register before June 15th and you will receive $10.00 off the regular fees.


A Month of Celebrations – Here are three reasons to celebrate with us this month: Our 10th Year Anniversary, Canada’s 150th Birthday, and our students’ incredible works of art! It is with great anticipation that we invite you to join us as we celebrate these three events on Sunday, June 18th, 2-5pm. Join us as we showcase our students’ accomplishments at our End-of-Term Art Show. Bring your family and friends and observe the subtle growth and transformation in our students’ artwork from Kindergarten through to adults, as we pay homage to Canadian Artists of the past 150 years.


Summer Camps - Inspired by literature and the works of famous artists, our various Summer Camps include Visual Art, Creative Writing, 3D Sculpting, Painting, Drawing, and Storyboarding. This is an opportunity for all involved to gain knowledge, practice, and fun-filled exploration as we focus on the elements of art, the beauty of illustration, and the process of creation. This year, we are offering half day and full-day camp options. Space is limited and camps are filling up fast. To secure a spot register online or call us at 519.471.4278


PA Day June 9 - We are happy once again to be part of London's annual "Kids 1st Day" celebration. Drop-by with your child (age 5+) to participate in one of the three FREE drawing sessions that begin at 9am, 10am, and 11am on Friday June 9th.  For information about this and other activities in London visit Investing in Children.  ArtVenture is part of "West London Activities".

Refer a friend and receive a $20 referral credit. Current students who refer a new student to ArtVenture will receive a gift certificate, which can be used towards future enrolment.  Coupons and gift cards have an expiry date and have no cash value and must be presented at the time of payment.


Wishing you and your family a warm and safe summer holiday!

 The ArtVenture Team


The Art of  Norval Morrisseau


Sarah V. Pam K. Daryl K.
Art inspired by works of Norval Morrisseau

Norval Morrisseau, also known as Copper Thunderbird, was an Aboriginal Canadian artist known as the "Picasso of the North" and celebrated for his elegant artwork depicting the legends of his people. In accordance with Anishnaabe tradition, Morrisseau was raised by his maternal grandparents. His grandfather, a shaman, taught him the traditions and legends of his people. His grandmother was a devout Catholic and from her he learned the tenets of Christianity. The contrast between these two religious traditions became an important factor in his intellectual and artistic development. Morrisseau developed his art isolated from major urban centres. It was then that Morrisseau developed his pictographic style, combining rich colours and representing inner realities with strong flowing lines to indicate spiritual forces. His images portrayed an x-ray anatomy with spirit power lines radiating from the spines of the creatures he portrayed. His figures are often accompanied by other spirit-beings, or manitous, that represent the life force of all living things. Turtles, muskrats, frogs, fish, birds, butterflies, trees, and men, women, and children all appear in his works as interconnected beings within one universe. Norval Morrisseau was awarded the prestigious Order of Canada Medal in 1978 for his contribution to Canadian Art.

Sources: https://www.cedarhilllonghouse.ca/artist/norval-morrisseau?page=1  

Eric H. Debbie M. Catriona A.
Art inspired by works of Norval Morrisseau

Wishing Our Alumni All The Best  

We wish to thank our alumni for their candid and positive feedback and their gorgeous artwork, and we look forward to watching our new and returning students develop artistically and join ArtVenture’s list of talented Alumni. Special thanks going out to those who in the past ten months agreed to be featured in our "Profile Series": Jordan Jones, Emily Jenkins, Anna Wilson, Sydney Driscoll-Davies, Aleks Romanowski, Roasalie Halls, Grace Bilger, Brigitte Maurice, Alex Drozd, and Jacquelyn Cooney. Their works and accomplishments over the past few years have contributed a great deal to the overall atmosphere of Love and Passion within our studio space.


ArtVenture's Profile Series - Jacquelyn Cooney


Each month this year we featured works of ArtVenture’s talented alumni. Wrapping up our profile series as a celebration of our 10th Year Anniversary, we wish to pay tribute to one final dedicated and talented young lady, whose work has caused many of us to gasp and gawk in disbelief over the past few years. 

Name: Jacquelyn Cooney
Number of Terms at ArtVenture: 19
Future Career Choice: Film Production

Who is your Favourite Artist? My favourite artist is Eloy Morales.

What is it about his work that appeals to you? Eloy Morales’ work is stunning. I love his ability to create incredibly realistic paintings that look as though they are photographs.
In all your years at ArtVenture, which was your favourite ArtVenture project?
My favourite ArtVenture project is the still-life drawing I did of a cow skull. It took ages to finish it but I enjoyed working with my medium of choice and I was very pleased with the results.
Has ArtVenture impacted your career choice? ArtVenture has helped me develop my artistic abilities and confidence. While I am not pursuing a career in visual arts, my years at ArtVenture taught me how to think creatively and outside the box. These are transferable skills that I take with me into the future.

What lessons did you take from ArtVenture that you feel applies to daily life? Approaching tasks with a creative mindset is a lesson I take from ArtVenture. Learning how to think creatively happens often when you work in art, and it’s a skill that applies to daily life when something unexpected arises.



Graphite on paper - Jacquelyn Cooney

Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past June Birthday Students


Aislinn A, Payton A, Avery B, Sara B, Mackenzie B, Genevieve B, Laurel B, Morgan B, Dominic B, Samantha B, Rieley C, Sydney C, Stefanos C, Alex D, Johanna D, Shan E, Olivia F, Jordyn F, Kyra F, Katelynn F, Moriah G, Natalie G, Theresa H, Hannah H, Hania H, Ashley H, Audrey H, Alena I, Kathryn I, JunWon K, Alexandra K, Brian K, Kalina K, Emily K, Anastasia L, Alena M, Emma M, Ella M, Kalina M, Mark M, Annabel M, Noa M, Kate M, Lynn N, Cullen O, Liza O, Vivian P, Zach P, Bridget P, Ella M, Keira M, Kathleen M, Annabel M, Evelyn R, Jackelyn R, Joey R, Jacqueline R, Netta S, Matthew S, Cindy S, Kaitlyn S, Katelyn S, Jordyn T, Mia T, Keria W.G, Stephen W, Emma W, Andrew W, Sophia W, Andrew W, Eric W, Sarah W, Vivian Y (and anyone else we may have missed)

                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month


“I made circles because they represent something with no beginning and no ending, and I divided them in half because there are two sides to everything, good and bad, short and tall, love and hate, man and woman”


                                                                                                                            Norval Morrisseau


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