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February 2017 Newsletter

Dear students and friends,


If your 2017 New Years’ Resolutions was “To allow more time for The Visual Arts!” then we certainly have the answer for your wishes! Dark and dreary as it may seem outdoors, it is far from ‘blue’ at ArtVenture this term. Many thanks to our fellow ArtVenturers who have been graciously spreading warmth and happiness through their art. For those interested in joining one of our Winter Term Classes, it is not too late. We continue to take registrations at pro-rated fees and would be happy to show you around our studio.

As we look ahead and wish for spring to arrive, we are reminded of some upcoming events: 

March Break Art Camp (March 13-17) is now open for registration. Join us for a three-hour daily camp that explores the elements of art through the works of famous 20th century artists (available for students currently in SK-Gr.8). 

Register for
Spring Term Art Classes (April 3 - June 24). Our program is project-based exploring a variety of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpting techniques. Space is limited, so plan ahead and register now.

Summer Camps are available throughout July and August and registration is in full swing. We offer Half-Day as well as Full-Day Camps with options ranging from General Visual Arts, to 3D Sculpting, Creative Writing, and Introduction to 2D Animation. You are encouraged to reserve your spot by registering online or calling 519.471.4278

As always, you are invited to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for news and updates within the world of art.
Community – As some of you know, ArtVenture’s youngest family member, Eden, celebrates her birthday annually by collecting donations for different causes. This year Eden has spearheaded the “Just Call” initiative, whereby she will be collecting old phones and electronic devices throughout the month of February to be donated to the London’s Women Shelter. Emergency calls are enabled by all phones, even without a SIM card, and our London’s shelters promotes personal safety planning through the distribution of old phones to people who are fleeing abuse. While we might have no need for old phones, many people in our city will be able to put these old electronics to use. Donations would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped-off at the studio throughout the month of February.

With that in mind, we wish you and your family a warm and safe month of February!

Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

The Art of Sumi-E


Sarah V. Liz A. Susanne F.


The Chinese speak of “writing a painting” and “painting a poem.” According to ancient Chinese culture, a great painting was judged on three elements: the calligraphy strokes, the words of the poetry (often with double meanings and subtle puns) and the ability of the painting strokes to capture the spirit of nature rather than a photographic likeness of the world. The artists of Japan, Korea and Malaysia learned from the Chinese and then developed their own versions of East Asian brush painting. One such version became known as SUMI-E: the Japanese word for Black Ink Painting. For Sumi-E to be achieved, there are four essential tools needed: ink stick, ink stone, brush and paper. The artist must learn to use ink freely with a controlled brush stroke, in order to be able to capture the essence or spirit of the subject in their paintings. It was believed that artists must observe nature very closely, but never attempt to paint the scene on site. Instead, the spirit of the scene would be reproduced from memory in the artist’s studio. To evoke a poetic take on nature, painters create beautiful lines by using a number of techniques and methods to bring life to their subject. The four subjects that most painting students learn first are: Bamboo (representing summer and the symbol of endurance), Chrysanthemum (representing fall and the symbol of strength), Plums (representing winter and the symbol of renewal), and Orchid (representing Spring and the symbol of promise). Flowers, landscapes, and animals were also often depicted through Sumi-E paintings as they continue to represent the spirit of nature. Seeking harmony with the universe, Sumi-E artists aim to showcase the personality behind nature. It was believed that observers can look at these paintings at leisure and nature’s inner significance would slowly become apparent to them. 

: http://www.sumiesociety.org/whatissumie.php


Val K. Catriona A. Beth C.

ArtVenture's Profile Series - Sydney Driscoll-Davies


We continue to shine a light on the works and accomplishments of our alumni, as we celebrate ten years of artistic exploration and aspirations among our students. Over the past decade ArtVenture has offered an art program, helping students find their unique artistic voice and achieve beautiful works of art. With each year, we bid farewell to newly graduated High School students, as they begin their post-secondary journey into adulthood. Our Profile Series continues this month as we look at the accomplishments of a recently graduated student who continues to wow us with her passion and drive in life.
Name: Sydney Driscoll-Davies
Number of terms at ArtVenture: 17
Field of Studies: Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph
- Who is your Favourite Artist? My favourite artist, like many others, is Pablo Picasso.

- What is it about his/her work that appeals to you? His style is so unique and full of movement. He is such an influential artist and that is what intrigues me.

- What was your favourite ArtVenture project? My favourite ArtVenture project was the medusa pencil drawings. It took longer than most of our other projects to complete, yet everyone’s end result was beautiful. Well worth all the hard work.
- How did ArtVenture impact your career choice? ArtVenture is the spark that made me fall in love with art. Having gone to ArtVenture for most of my childhood, it really helped shape me as a person. When deciding my career, I wanted to be able apply my creativity with my love of math and physics. In engineering, it helps to have a creative edge and I thank ArtVenture for challenging me creatively and refining my skills.
- What lessons did you take from ArtVenture that you feel applies to daily life? The lesson I learned at ArtVenture that has stuck with me is to constantly challenge myself. Every project we worked on we were pushed to try new things and expand our minds. This is such a good mindset to have in school and it has really helped me in my everyday life.
- Your memorable ArtVenture story: So many of my childhood memories were from ArtVenture, but my favourite memory is the project we did making masks of our own face. To make the masks we used Plaster of Paris, and while my partner and I were making my mask I could not stop laughing. As a result, my mask turned out to have insanely chubby cheeks.
- Words of Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to fail or to challenge yourself, that’s when you learn your best life lessons.


Some of Sydney's projects at ArtVenture


Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past February Birthday Students


Lily A, James A, Shaudi B, Elizabeth C, Cassandra C, Wesley D, Shreya D, Grace D, Riley D, Taya DP, Ning D, Julianna D, Seija E, Nicolas F, Benjamin G, Anne H, Valeria H, Anne H, Valeria H, Katie J, Emily K, Cayleigh K, Bridget K, Meghan K, Jayna K, Alexandra M, Tanner M, Olivia M, Peyton M, Nikolas M, Matthew N, Talia N, Krystyna O, Clemence O, Michael P, Cintia P, Kyna P, Sebastian P, Eden R, Melanie R, Jolene R, Patrick R, Caleigh S, Shaelyn S, Phoebe S, Emma S, Sophia S, Brianna T, Sabrina V, Zahra V, Danielle W, Renee W, Jaime W, Jordan W, Ashlyn W, Beatrice W, Angel W, Catherine Y, Jana Z, Jeannie Z, Gabriel Z (and others we may have forgotten)

                                                       a very happy month !!!                                                       

Quote of the Month


“If we study Japanese art, we see a man who is undoubtedly wise, philosophic and intelligent, who spends his time doing what?  He studies a single blade of grass.”
                                                                            Vincent Van Gogh


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