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February 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


If your 2018 New Years’ Resolutions was “to allow more time for the Visual Arts” then you came to the right place! Many thanks to our fellow ArtVenturers who have been graciously spreading warmth and happiness through their art this term. It is certainly far from ‘blue’ at ArtVenture this time of the year, and we would love to spread this feeling with you as well. For those interested in joining one of our Winter Session Art Classes, it is not too late. We continue to take registration at a pro-rated fee and would be happy to show you around our studio.


As we look ahead and wish for spring to arrive, we are reminded of some upcoming events:

March Break Art Camp (March 12-16) is open for registration. Join us for a three-hour daily camp and explore with us the elements of art through the works of famous 20th century artists (available for students currently in SK-Gr.8).

Spring Term Art Classes (April 9 - June 23) - We are now taking registration and would love to have you with us. As you may know, our program is project-based exploring a variety of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpting techniques. Most of our winter classes are full, and it is expected to be the same for spring. To avoid disappointment plan ahead and register for Spring Term now.

Summer Camp Programs are available throughout July & August and registration is in full swing. Throughout the summer we offer Half-Day Camp programs as well as Full-Day Camp options. Camps are thematically planned to cover a variety of different facets of the arts, ranging from Visual Arts (painting/drawing), to 3D Sculpting, Creative Writing, and Storyboarding - introduction to 2D Animation. Since space is limited, you are encouraged to reserve your spot by registering online or calling 519.471.4278

And as always, you are invited to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for news and updates within the world of art.

With that in mind, we wish you and your family a month full of health, happiness, and artistic exploration!


Artistically Yours,

The ArtVenture Team 

Barcode Art


A barcode is an optical, machine-readable representation of data describing something about the object that carries the code. Barcodes became commercially successful in the early 1970s when they were used to automate supermarket checkout system and quicken the process of price-checking. By varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines, each item was given a unique code to efficiently track items, reduce price tag swapping, and reduce wait-time at the end-point of payment. Over the years,barcode technology evolved beyond the supermarket and now includes products provided by healthcare and hospital settings, scientists, mail delivery, hyperlinks to web pages, consumer price checking, to name but a few. As can be imagined, many artists in the 21st century have started using barcode art as part of a post-modernism movement. The materialistic world in which we live has created a bizarre relationship between buyers, goods, and services. This co-dependency between our life style and purchasing habits has opened a healthy platform for contemplation, allowing artists to use this platform for dialogue, critique, and conceptual expression. It is thanks to the monotonous nature of the black-and-white barcode that artists are able to playfully create universal statements within a contrasting artistic expression.




Illustrations -
Top Left -       George C. grade 6
        Right - Ella T. grade 6
Bottom Left - Jayna K. grade 7          Right - Lauren H. gradde 8

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcode


Kids Corner
Many people feel that adding a barcode to everything that we buy is far too mechanical, computerized, and impersonal. Scott Blake, an artist living in the United States, tried to make barcodes more personalized. Using a collection of barcodes to re-create famous portraits, Blake brings back a personal relationship between his artwork and us, the viewers. By following the link below, you will be able to read an interview with Blake and see three YouTube clips of his barcode art. We hope you enjoy the journey, as you get up close and personal with a portrait of Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley. 


Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past February Birthday Students


Lily A, James A, Shaudi B, Elizabeth C, Cassandra C, Wesley D, Shreya D, Grace D, Riley D, Taya DP, Ning D, Julianna D, Nick F, Seija E, Benjamin G, Anne H, Valeria H, Anne H, Valeria H, Katie J, Alika J, Emily K, Bridget K, Meghan K, Jayna K, Cayleigh K, Alexandra M, Tanner M, Peyton M, Nikolas M, Matthew N, Talia N, Krystyna O, Clemence O, Kyna P, Michael P, Cintia P, Sebastian P, Julie Q, Eden R, Melanie R, Jolene R, Janani R, Caleigh S, Shaelyn S, Phoebe S, Emma S, Sophia S, Vanessa T, Brianna T, Zahra V, Sabrina V, Danielle W, Renee W, Jaime W, Jordan W, Ashlyn W, Beatrice W, Angel W, Josh W, Chloe W, Catherine Y, Jana Z, Jeannie Z, Gabriel Z  (and anyone else we may have forgotten) 

                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month


“An artist is someone who produces things that people don’t need to have.”
                                                                                                                Andy Warhol


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