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April 2018 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


Spring at last is dawning, bringing with it new artistic inspirations! With over 400 people in attendance, we wish to thank our dedicated students, their families, and community members who have joined us as we celebrated together the end of Winter Term. We hope the artwork inspired new and returning students as we set to begin art classes with a spring in our step and our best foot forward.


If you haven’t done so yet, you are invited to register to one of our Spring Term Art Classes. Space is very limited and many classes are already full, but nevertheless, for those uncertain about art classes, we would be happy to offer a free trial-class if space is available. Due to recent demand , we have just opened a NEW Evening Adult Class on Wednesdays.  To reserve a spot in the class that best fits your schedule, follow the above links or call us at 519.471.4278


And for those planning beyond spring, we are excited to offer a variety of Summer Camp options! Summer Art in all its beauty is right around the corner, and this summer we will be offering Half-Day as well as Full-Day camp options. To see photos from last summer, follow the link and get a better sense of the vast array of work accomplished at our Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Storyboarding, and 3D Sculpting summer programs. Different camps are offered for different age groups throughout the summer, so check out our website and book your spot while space is still available.


As always, you are invited to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for year-round fun-facts and updates within the world of art.


Artistically Yours,

The ArtVenture Team


The Art of Henri Matisse


The Music


Harmony in Red

                                                                           Works of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born in France in 1869 and died in 1954 at the age of 84. While recovering from appendicitis, Henri’s mother gave him a paint set and from that day forward, his life was focused on being an artist. Matisse went to art school but didn’t like the realistic way he was being taught to paint. He wanted to use bolder and brighter colours to be more expressive. Matisse explored simple shapes, flat planes and wild colours in his work , and was later considered the father of the “Fauvism” movement (French for “wild beasts”). As a response to his critics, Matisse was known to wear sheepskin lined coat inside out to look more “beastly”. He was extremely poor as a young artist, eating only rice and having to resist eating the fruit he bought for his still life paintings. He married and had three children. His wife was a milliner and she supported him so he can remain an artist. Matisse’s paintings were ultimately accepted by art collectors and buyers during his lifetime bringing him a great deal of money and esteem. He bought a home in Giverny allowing his tropical birds to fly free in his home. As his eye-sight slowly declined, a new style was born – that of a Fauve-Like collage technique.

In class, this term, our adult students combined the two stages of Matisse’s career by reconstructing a collage using his images along with a combination of wallpaper and magazines cut-outs to compose a scene in the style that is so uniquely Matisse. Once the collage composition was completed, the image was transferred onto a canvas and they proceeded to paint their composition using Matisse’s decorative style as a unifying element.

Sources: http://www.mychandlerschools.org/cms/lib6/AZ01001175/Centricity/Domain/5123/Matisse%20-%20November.pdf / http://www.josabela.com/artawareness/lesson19PurpleRobe.aspx  

Amanda V. Lara R. Pam H. Val K.
Works inspired by Henri Matisse

Kids Corner
Henri Matisse is known as one of the greatest modern artists and The Father of The Wild Beasts. To learn more about Matisse, click on his dog, follow the prompts, and ENJOY!! (requires Adobe Flash Player) http://www.artbma.org/flash/F_conekids.swf


Happy Birthday To You…

We wish our current and past April Birthday Students


Leith A, Reagan A, Jaira A, Matti B, Alysha B, Hayden B, Alec B, Miquel B, Sarah B, Luke C, Sierra C, Paige D, Carleigh D, Victoria D, Liam D, Mackenzie D, Dhriti D, Jack D, Sophie D, Valentina D, Lauren E, Victoria F, Edward F, Zoey F, Faith G, Rachel G, Jessica G, Vanessa G, Granett H, Kyler H, Mohamed H, Rayne H, Rachel H, Lauren H, Eden H, Taylor H, Megan H, James I, Shane J, Marcus J, Juliya K, Alexei K, Emma K, Ji Won K, James L, Eric L, Hunter L, Steven L, Jessica L, Lily M, Sarah M, Emma M, Issac M, Brynne M, Kaitlyn M, Lauren M, Anthony N, Rachel N, Rachel O, Diane O, Avery O, Samantha O, Chelsea P, Emma P, Madyn P, Breanna P, Rachel R, Ryan R, Ella R, Emma R, Aleks R, Leah R, Mike R, Rosa S, Mickey S, Madison S, Ella S, Riley S, April S, Julia S, Patricia S, Kaya S, Daniel T, Tyne T, Brynne T, Mya V, Alison W, Leah W, Bobby W, Hannah W, Kyle W, Lynn X, Sophia Y, Grace Y, Ethan Y, Kelly Y, Charlie Y, Lorena Z, Sarah Z (and anyone else we may have forgotten)

                                                                                                       a very happy month !!!

Quote of the Month

“I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things”                                                                                                     Henri Matisse


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