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January 2020 Newsletter

Dear Students and Friends,


Happy New Year! 2020 is upon us and with it comes a New Decade! As we begin a new term at ArtVenture, we wish to express our gratitude to our students who trust in the process of artistic creation, coming each week to a new lesson eager to learn and grow as artists. As some of you know, the studio often uses photos and artwork from calendars as resource for various art projects. We would be very grateful for any 2019 Calendar donations with photos of nature, animals, architecture from around the world, or any 19th & 20th century artists. 
We are now set to begin our Winter Term, with classes running January 6th to March 28th. Space is limited, and registration can be done online, over the phone, or in person. For those who have voiced an interest but have not yet attended our classes, we look forward to meeting you this year and showing you around our studio. Free trial-classes can be arranged provided space is available. 

Registration for Art Camps is now open - As we welcome 2020 together, we invite you to join our engaging and energetic March Break Art Camp and check out our Summer Camps schedule for a choice of Art, Sculpting, Animation, Creative Writing, and the NEW Songwriting workshop. Registration for March Camp can be done online, over the phone, or in person. Summer Camps registration will open soon.

Best of London 2020 is now on. To vote for ArtVenture as your favourite Art School in London click here or on the image. Once there, scroll down to Art Schools on line #168.
Don't delay. Contrest ends soon. Thank you for your support.

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Wishing you and your family many inspiring moments in 2020!

Artistically Yours,
The ArtVenture Team

an art exhibition by Cassie Morris


Artist Statement:

"As an artist, I come from a background rooted in realism.  From a young age, I always believed that rendering a realistic portrait through a paint brush is what would inevitably make me a ‘real artist’.  Throughout my undergrad, my understandings of art have shifted. Now, my practice heavily revolves around conceptual ideas; largely using textiles, embroidery and text to deconstruct my past and present. My art explores personal experience, language, popular culture and environmental awareness. The final product is what I confess to know and feel at the time.  Through varying levels of abstraction, I frequently depict my friends and family in my work. It is important to me to allow the viewer to interpret my art in differing forms; enabling one to inject one's own personal histories and understandings into each piece I create. Everything I do is a product of my surroundings; each piece capturing a fleeting moment in my life." 

Cassie's art will be on display at our Gallery throughout the month of January for all to enjoy.

 The Art of Keith Haring 


Keith Haring'sart


Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing concepts of love, unity, birth, death, sexuality, and war. His imagery has become a widely recognized visual language of the 20th century, with a style that radiates innocence and a sense of foreboding all at once. Haring’s graffiti-style art included barking dogs, radiant boys, angels, monsters with mechanical heads, the symbol of the dollar (often becoming an icon of an evil god that captures us with its fascinating power). It is a style of shrill explosion of shapes and colours that awakens primal sensations in the viewer. By adding stick figures of men and women Haring brings us immediately to the earliest depictions engraved on the stone by our cavemen ancestors, reminding us of who we are at our very core. Keith Haring joined a long but sporadic lineage of 20th century artists who brought elements of popular culture, "low art" and non-art elements into the formerly exclusive "high art" spaces of museums and galleries. He drew on the techniques of street-based art, employed bright colours, and kept imagery accessible in order to grab the eyes and minds of viewers and get them both to enjoy and to engage with important concerns. Haring's deceptively simple imagery and text provided poignant and cutting cultural commentary on issues including AIDS, drug addiction, illicit love, and apartheid. As both an artist and an activist he established that depicting serious issues could be fun or at least lively when communicated through fresh and vivid choices of colors. Haring provided proof of the possibilities of using public sites that were not usually dedicated to art to share artistic and political messages to multiple audiences.
Source:  http://www.theartstory.org/artist-haring-keith.htm 


Alex C. Julie N. Angelina L. Olivia H.

Kids Corner


Keith Haring always thought of himself as a funny kid, which might be why kids all over the world responded to him. As a toddler, he would sit on his dad’s lap after supper just drawing with crayons, and before too long the circles turned into balloons, ice-cream cones, or faces. In high school, Keith knew he wanted to become an artist. He loved the cartoon characters of Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, and Charles Schultz, but was drawn more towards abstract shapes that fill whole areas and seem to flow endlessly. For Keith, this was the beginning stages of what would soon become a story of an American Icon. The following link is a website geared for kids, with information about Keith Haring and an interactive Keith Haring pinball game! We hope you enjoy this Haring Journey…

Happy Birthday To You…


We wish our current and past January Birthday Students


Victoria A, Jad A, Sarah AS, Grace B, Kennan B, Addie B,  Sofia B, Youran C, Yisu C, Ben D,  Jack G, Cameron G, Jasmine G, Maren G, Avni G, Maia G, Chloe H, Aryn H, Natalie H, Emily K, Yerin L, Kate L, Catherine L, Elise M, Karthika N, Annabelle M, Duncan N, Euan P, Angel P,  Jessica R, Scralyt S, Sahana S, Angela S, Laila T, Isabel T, Hanna V, Mei W, Alina W, Zizi Y, Shiyin Y, Lillian Y, Ethan Z, Behnood Z, Anwen Z


(and anyone else we may have forgotten) a very happy month !!


Quote of the Month


“Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.”
                                                            Keith Haring


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