Summer Camps Themes

Visual Arts (SK-Gr.9)

Our summer art camps provide a fun and educational experience where children express themselves creatively while learning about the elements and principles of art and design. Infusing a component of art history, campers are exposed to famous 20th century artists as they work on art projects based on inspiration, observation, and imagination. Divided into groups based on the grade into which they will be entering in the fall, campers are guided through age-appropriate projects as they explore a variety of drawing, painting, and sculpting techniques and proudly walk away with new knowledge and quality artwork.

3D Sculpting (Gr.3-9)

As an art form, sculptures fill our space in a three dimensional form. By using different techniques to create relief and free standing sculptures, campers delve into the world of 3D art. Throughout the week, sculptors plan and execute several 3D sculptures using a variety of materials while exploring techniques such as modeling, carving, assembling, and casting.

Creative Writing (Gr.4-9)

Aspiring writers work with certified teachers to explore the essential elements of a great story. While developing their own unique short story, writers delve into creating compelling characters, exploring dynamic settings, structuring great narratives and illustrating plot events. Throughout the 5 day workshop, writers develop, enhance and illustrate their story, taking part in a writers’ circle to discus narrative options and make informed literary choices. Wrapping up our inspirational week together, writers walk away with their very own bound-book and a wealth of ideas for future stories.

Storyboarding (Gr.4-9)

An Introduction to 2D Animation

The path to animation begins with a display of still images in sequence for the purpose of portraying action and movement. In this 15hr workshop, campers begin with drafting their very own animation sequence in the form of a storyboard. Working with students from the field, animators are introduced to the principles of 2D movement and expression. Focusing on the art of storyboarding, animators will work on proportion, perspective, and a storyline ready for future computer animation if so desired.

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